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Steal My Proven Done-For-You Plug + Play Launch 🚀Plan For Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

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John & Nadya Melton 

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Are you my next leader testimonial?

Fast Acting Bonus #1: What NOT To Do On Your Facebook™ Cover Photo Exclusive Audit

Fast Acting Bonus #2: 
Who is Considered a Lead on TikTok?

Fast Acting Bonus #3: 
Generate Leads On Autopilot From YouTube

Fast Acting Bonus #4: How To Get Endless Leads From LinkedIN + A 5 Day Tracker 

I will say it even though your company and upline won't.

You don't have to post Spammy Company Flyers to make sales

In fact, that will make you look like everyone else who is selling something for Black Friday 

We, are NOT just like everyone else.

You know why? 

Because when someone buys a deal from YOU they get YOUR support and you my friend, are unique.

  • Yes I want to Double My Black Friday Sales 
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  • ​Yes I want to Avoid Spammy posts that don't sell that my company gives us + Keep My Sanity
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Duh... that's what this Double Down Launch Plan For Black Friday Workshop will do for you...

We made it FREE

What were total sales on Black Friday for those that took the last DDBF workshop

"Marina, I took this last year, do I need it again?"

Dear Networkers,

If you want to be a top sales rep, double your sales, or even if you just want to grow your lead list confidently on social media, then I want to invite you to spend the next 5 days with me! 


Because in today's social media world you not only need to stand out with what you are offering this Holiday season but you need to know how to take these leads on a sales journey that makes them WANT TO BUY FROM ONLY YOU and no one else.

Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

My name is Marina Simone 👠 and I am an expert in launching products on social media and doubling, heck, tripling sales online.

I've had multiple s i x figure volume + launches in just 24 hours and have coached other networkers to sell more than 30K+ in personal sales with ONE launch 🚀

Marina Simone has been featured in:

This 14 day workshop is going to give you the exact launch plan I used with my team to create 200 rank advancements in one week and double our Black Friday Sales. 

Every day you wait to implement this launch plan is more time for your prospects to buy from someone else on social. 😬

Americans spent $9.12 billion online on Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day last year.

In 2022, Online sales in November and December were up 5% ($270 billion) in the U.S. from a year earlier. (Salesforce)

Can you see the opportunity here?

Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get Inside My Double Down Workshop...

You'll discover exactly what steps to take to get in front of the MOST # of leads as possible on social media. 

You will have the best advertising process for social media without spending hundreds of dollars on ads that don't work

You will skip past the mistakes of posting and praying company flyers and bogo deals that don't get attention on social media

You will know exactly what to say to new prospects, current customers, and potential biz partners about your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. 

You will have this EXACT PLAN to reuse for ANY SALE your company ever launches... including new product launches!

In 2022, more shoppers (71%) spent more on 2022 Cyber Monday sales compared to last year's event. You ready for that plan now?

  • When you have a solid plan to launch you feel ready, confident and excited to sell!
  • ​When you double your sales the extra money can mean a bigger holiday for you and your team!

Your inbox will be flooded with thank you's from your team for helping them double their sales with this launch plan and filling your VIP FOMO wall endless names  like this:

Who is this for? 🙋‍♀️
Okay...I know you're wondering right now is this Double Down Launch Plan For Black Friday REALLY for me? 

Here's what you're 
probably thinking...

"Will Double Down Launch Plan For Black Friday take me by the hand with a step-by-step launch plan to double sales AND help me grow my lead list confidently on social media?"

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